Super Simple HCG Resources, Providers 

and Products

This list is far from comprehensive and it will be expanding frequently, I appreciate any input from readers who have experience with providers and products, so please feel free to contact me at: 

Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches is available many places as a free download. This is one:

HCG homeopathic drops:

Due to the recent threats to companies selling homeopathic HCG drops, many reputable companies have opted out of the market . While you can still find HCG drops at numerous online sites, the only reputable one I can recommend at this time is: 


Please re-visit this page often for updates as this fluid situation unfolds. 

Glycemic load chart:



HCG Diet Calorie counter from David Wallace:

Fat and calorie calculator:

Calorie Calculator when you’ve reached goal weight:

Body mass index chart:

Helpful contacts:

Dr. Hyla Cass:


Dr. Valerie Donaldson, Anchors Aweight:

IAM Center of Pittsburgh, 412-767-9451

Dr. Tranquility Lydia Belton


To find an HCG provider in your area;