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Kathleen Barnes


(written Feb. 1, 2011)

My Journey

It’s a fairly pathetic story that will be all too familiar to most of my readers: I pretty much managed to keep my weight under control until the time I hit menopause. For me, that was surgically accelerated, so it took place in my early 40s.

The first year, I put on about five pounds. That didn’t seem too bad. But then I added another five the next year. And the next. You do the math: Over the span of 20 years, I had packed on 100 pounds. I looked like a blimp and I felt like one. Even today, I don’t want to advertise how much I weighed when I began my self-created simplified version of the HCG Diet.

My weight was especially embarrassing because I write books and magazine articles about natural health. I certainly wasn’t a good advertisement for the healthy lifestyle I was preaching!

My eating habits had been pretty good: I ate healthy food, just a lot of it. It seemed like my shutoff mechanism had simply shut down. I am told that is a common menopause-related pitfall. I couldn’t stop eating and every time I ate one thing, I’d get a craving for another. I never counted because I didn’t want to, but I was most likely consuming more than 3,000 calories a day.

Blame it on anything you like: low thyroid, elevated insulin, out- of-whack brain chemistry. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. I was fat.

The point of desperation

I don’t care why I got to that point of desperation, I just did. I tried every sensible and nonsensical diet around. Nothing worked. I’d stick to the diet until 4 p.m. (sound familiar?) when I’d get a raging sugar craving (dark chocolate is healthy, isn’t it?) or an irresistible urge for a big bowl of butter-drenched popcorn. Or both.

I was very fortunate that I didn’t have any of the obvious health complications from morbid obesity (I was tipping just on the edge of that if you check a Body Mass Index scale): diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. That is probably because my diet was still generally healthy and I avoided processed foods, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and most of the other baddies on the supermarket aisles. That’s a subject for another book.

The first glimmers of hope

Then about a year ago, I attended a conference and ran into my friend, radio host Frankie Boyer. She looked terrific! I won’t presume to estimate how much unwanted poundage she had shed, but it was a lot. That was the first time I’d heard about the HCG Diet.But Frankie’s recitation of the HCG Diet sounded too difficult to me: no skin cream, no supplements, not even fish oil, only 500 calories a day and giving myself a shot every day.I did a little research and found the Simeons protocol to be unbearably strict. I put the thought on the back burner.

But the little fairy that pricked my consciousness rose up again a few months later when I was asked to edit a book on a simplified version of the HCG Diet, The OWL Diet: The Updated HCG Diet by Dr. Carter Abbott.

He recommends a more sustainable and healthier 700-calorie eating plan with many modifications over the rigid Simeons plan that has led to success for hundreds of his patients.  

I was hooked. I began to believe I might actually be able to do this diet without starving.

Sealing the deal

The Universe works in strange ways.

Just a few days after I finished editing Dr. Abbott’s book, that I met Eleanor R., author of The Disease of More: A Woman’s 25-year Recovery from Alcohol and Food Addiction.

Part of Eleanor’s poignant story (which I’ve now published), was her tale of meeting a beautiful woman at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on a beach in Hawaii. Eleanor was at the time feeling fat and dumpy and was entranced by the woman’s beauty and grace. Oddly the woman approached her and, after a brief conversation she told Eleanor: “Don’t eat sugar or flour.”         

Eleanor took her advice and in short order, she was slim and attractive, living in what she calls a “right-sized” body.

All of these serendipitous events sealed the deal for me. It was time. The means had been provided.    

The final puzzle piece fell into place when I was talking on the phone with Dr. Hyla Cass, my dear friend, who also happens to be my doctor. I mentioned the HCG “coincidences” I had been experiencing and she graciously offered to guide me through the plan. She told me the results experienced by her patients had been “miraculous.”

Taking the leap

I’ll weave more of this story throughout this narrative, but here it is in a nutshell:

I began on Nov. 1, 2010. Three months later, as of this writing, I am 47 pounds lighter in the body and 1,000 pounds lighter in my mind. I even took a two-week hiatus for the holidays.

Yes, I still have 53 pounds to go (maybe even a little more if I don’t get too wrinkly looking). It’s basically been a smooth journey. I’m not perfect. Occasionally, I’ve given in to hunger pangs ormor liely psychological cravings, but when I get on that scale on Monday mornings and see how much unwanted fat I’ve shed, it perks me up so I get right back on the plan.

I chose to use the injectible HCG, which must be prescribed by a doctor. HCG is available in homeopathic drops as well, a method that Dr. Cass assures me is equally effective.

This is the story of my journey. It’s not a medical book. It’s simply my experience. I’ll share with you the insights I’ve gained along the way and ways I hope I can help you avoid some of the potholes in the road to better health.

One pothole I’d like to mention right now: self-talk and negative language. There’s nothing that annoys me more than people who try to correct my language.

But here it goes: If you constantly think and talk about “losing” weight, your super trusting subconscious mind, which is really nothing more than a self-centered child with no powers of discrimination, begins to think you are “losing” a part of your ”self.” Of course, none of us wants to lose a part of our “selves.”

Instead, I choose to think and tell others that I am “shedding unwanted fat” or “controlling my weight.” It’s just a little thing.

I’m halfway to my goal. I am not stopping. By beach season, I’ll be svelte. That 100 pounds will be gone forever. I’ve promised myself and I promise you. I promise updates, too, through my website.

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