Until a couple of months ago, I hadn't owned a belt for 20 years--not coincidentally when I began to pile on the pounds post-menopause. I certainly didn't want to draw attention to that bulging waist. 

Then the day came when I feel adventuresome enough to buy a belt. At that point, I had probably dropped about 50 pounds of unwanted fat. Off I went to my favorite thrift store and picked out a belt. It wasn't just any belt. It was a  "LOOK AT MY WAIST!" cowgirl belt replete with silver conchos. Yes, it was intended to help hold my increasingly baggy second generation pants, but I had to admit, I also wanted to show off. I paid all of $1 for it. 

Now that belt sadly is too large. It could be shortened by a couple of inches, but I prefer to keep it as a trophy of my journey.

So I've picked up a couple of other belts, as my third generation pants edge toward bagginess. My strange discovery is that my waist continues to get smaller even as the number of pounds I've dropped slows. 

Here's an example: We had a family trip to Disney World last week. I didn't drop any weight at all. Yes, absolutely there were slips. It was vacation and we had fun. But yesterday, when I put on one of my new belts, one I had bought right before my trip, and I discovered I had to take it in two notches--two inches--in just a week! Imagine my excitement and the psychological boost that put me right back on track after a week or minor indulgences.  

HCG clearly had continued burning fat and sculpting my body even though I had temporarily gone off track. 

I highly recommend belt therapy. It will elevate your mood and renew your commitment.  

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