I did it! I've now shed 100 pounds. I can't begin to tell you how good this feels on every level of my being. 

Let me try: The other day I was carrying a 44-pound bag of dog food up the stairs. Now needless to say, I wasn't very happy about it. Who would be? Then suddenly I realized just nine months ago, I was carrying 2.5 times (give or take) the weight of that bag on my body, lugging it around with every step I took. No wonder my energy is so good. -I don't have to haul around all that extra weight anymore!

Intuitively, I have decided that I should taper off the HCG injections I have been using for nine months. It just seems like it would be difficult for my body to adjust to a sudden withdrawal of the hormone. A conversation with a doctor friend confirmed this ida. So I am now tapering down by 25 IU every two weeks until I am off it--ten more weeks.   

I am increasing my calorie count to my maintenance level (about 1600 calories a day, up from the 700 I've been consuming throughout most of the time I've been on the diet). However, if you've read the early version of The Super Simple HCG Diet, you know that it is very important to continue to low carb for three more weeks as I taper off the diet. I think i will amend that to keep off the carbs at least until the ten-weeks phase out period is over. I have begun to understand that carbohydrates are probably my worst enemy. 

Case in point: I ate a cookie a couple of weeks ago. Now you know that I don't consider these occasional slips to be cause for a barrage of negative self-talk. That little cookie actually gave me some valuable insight when it set off a craving that astonished me. I wanted to eat 20 more. 

Now tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce, stapels of my diet, don't set off cravings ike. that. This time of year, I'm happy to eat at least one of each from garden every day. But eating one doesn't make me want 20. It's the sugar. Duh. I needed to experience that.

I'm posting a new photo and hope you'll all continue to share your experiences and your photos. This site is going to remain live for a very long time.  

Blessings to everyone. Keep up the good work!