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Kathleen Barnes, author of

The Super Simple HCG Diet 


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Weight management coaching special:

6 weekly one-hour group telephone sessions $60.

Maximum 6 participants. Starting soon.

Individual sessions: $50/hour.

E-mail me to register: kathleen@kathleenbarnes.com

Want to get rid of excess weight? Have you tried every diet under the sun without success?

Now is the time for success with the Super Simple HCG Diet.

Kathleen Barnes has done it and you can, too. Kathleen, author of The Super Simple HCG Diet, got rid of 100 pounds of unwanted fat in 9 months with HCG and the accompanying diet.

Whether you have 20, 40 or more pounds to shed, you can do it with The Super Simple HCG Diet.

If you've searched HCG diet online and been daunted by how strict it is, not to worry. Kathleen has developed a simplified version that allows you stick to a healthy low-calorie, low-fat low-carb diet and achieve significant weight loss quickly and without strenuous exercise.

The HCG Diet works for men and women and is especially effective for women over 40.

Learn all about what you need to do to be successful and manage your weight for the rest of your life with the Super Simple HCG Diet.

E-mail Kathleen or phone her at 888-988-8048 for details.    


The simplest and most successful way to shed excess weight  -- 3 to 5 pounds a week -- without the restrictions of the Simeons Pounds and Inches HCG diet. 

This book debunks the myths of the 500-calorie Simeons Diet and the outdated protocols that are difficult to understand and practically impossible to follow.

By easing the calorie restriction to 700 calories a day, which is healthier in the long run and allows far easier compliance without sacrificing the psychologically satisfying reward of rapid weight reduction.

It also eliminates the complex phase system and, for those who need to stay on the program for several months, allows small breaks without abandoning the diet and  weight shedding altogether.

It also encourages the use of supplements (including fish oil) and skin care creams without compromising the effectiveness of the diet. 

The Super Simple HCG Diet is based on the experience of author Kathleen Barnes with a unique sense of humor and compassion, helping  helps you navigate the pitfalls and stay the course for major and permanent weight control.


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